Top 10 Bike Tips: Tip 1 – If it Doesn’t Fit, it Doesn’t Matter

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You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that are 3 sizes too big or small, and a bicycle is no different. Starting with the right frame size is just the beginning. First off, you should be able to straddle the frame comfortably. Next you should be able to reach the handle bar with some bend in your elbows when sited in the saddle. After that it depends on your riding style. For fast cross country riding and competitive road riding; leg extension and positioning on the bike are crucial. For more aggressive mountain biking or leisurely riding; having a lower than average seat height and a higher handlebar is more appropriate. Next is looking at your points of contact; your grips, gloves, shoes, pedals and saddle. These items are fairly personal, and can drastically alter the bicycle’s comfort level. Whatever your riding style Paramount is highly experienced in fitting bicycles to you, not fitting you to your bicycle. We offer in depth dynamic fit sessions where we watch you ride and adjust your bike. We make sure you are in a comfortable riding position for your riding style and supported skeletally.

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