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Heated socks

A very simple idea, but with advancements in batteries and sock construction it can now be a reality. It’s a ski sock that is pre-installed with a flat wire that is connected to a thin element near the ball of your foot. A removable lithium battery connected at the top of the sock allows for easy cleaning. You can control your socks heat through an app on your smartphone. The best part about this concept is that you can use them skiing, getting to the hill, snowshoeing, walking the dog, etc. Keep your feet warm this year with heated socks.

Heated Insoles

Similar to heated socks, this system is custom installed onto your insoles. Perfect for multi-day ski trips where you need multiple pairs of ski socks. We install an element with a flat wire onto your insole; we then make a small slit onto your insoles as well as your boot liner. This allows us to run the wire under the insoles, through the back of the liner and up the back of the boot. The battery is then installed onto the ski bootstrap. We have been using this system for years; with many people enjoy skiing and snowboarding with warm feet.

Merino wool

One of the best ways of keeping yourself warm when it’s cold out is keeping you dry. Starting with a wicking base layer is the best way to do this. In our opinion, the best wicking material is merino wool. It works just like synthetic materials that pull water from your body as you sweat, and spread the water out so that they evaporate more quickly. The difference is that merino wool does so at the vapor stage. The process happens much faster, and typically prevents odor typically associated with synthetic equivalents. We have Merino Wool socks, tops, and bottoms so that you can keep yourself super warm and comfortable this winter.

Down/Lofty Insulation

A highly insulated jacket will help keep old man winter at bay. One of best insulations out there is down. It does have some drawbacks, though. To work the best it must remain lofty and cannot be worn tight. As well it does not perform well in wet weather conditions. Relatively recently we have made synthetic lofty insulation that mimics the characteristics of down, without the need to avoid wet weather, and can be worn as a less puffy garment. We stock both down and synthetic layering pieces, when coupled with a waterproof shell, will have you warm and toasty in even the coldest environments. We also have down mitts and jackets. We also have gloves, mitts, jackets and pants with synthetic insulation in different weights to offer you a range of choices.


Two things that can make you cold outside are being wet, or having the wind take any warmth off your body. To combat this wearing a windproof, waterproof and breathable outer layer is a must. The most windproof, waterproof and breathable fabric in our industry is Goretex. These garments have been laminated with a Goretex layer that keep the elements at bay while allowing unneeded heat and moisture to escape (breath). We have Goretex jackets, and pants as well as gloves and mitts.

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