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That was a winter for the record books. It started great, but it didn’t turn out like we (skiers and snowboarders) would have liked. But spring is here, and so are our bikes.

New for us at Paramount is Giant’s line of E-bikes. Powered by a Yamaha Electric motor, these bikes add to your strength. They are designed without a throttle; alternatively you can choose to add .5, 1, or 3 times the power of each pedal stroke. They’re an absolute blast. Be sure to drop by and take one for a spin.

The E-bikes will only take up a small footprint of our floor space. Paramount will continue to stock quality bikes for the whole family. We cater to many different categories in the cycling community.

Paramount continues to embrace the next generation of cyclists. With quality Junior Bikes from Giant, Norco and Specialized, we feel confident that one of our bikes will help create a life long cyclist. We believe in looking at kid’s bike as a “rider to bike” ratio. As adults, we would never ride a bike that is half our body weight, why do we expect weaker, lighter children to do so, and more importantly like it. That’s why the majority of our junior bikes will be stocked with lightweight aluminum frames and parts.

In addition to our sizeable junior area, our selection of bikes specifically designed for women will be one of the biggest in the area. With brands like Liv handmade by Giant, Specialized and Norco, we have some of the leaders in the industry when it comes to the specific needs of female riders. We stock mountain, road and everything in between.

One category that we are focusing more on this year is Adventure Bikes. These bikes take the efficiency and position of a Road Bike, and blend it with the stability and versatility of a trail bike. With the progression of disc brakes for road bikes, no longer does the brake caliper limit the options for tire size. These bikes are perfect for someone looking to enjoy long road rides, but might want to take a light trail, or a dirt road along the way. Their big tires also make for a very comfortable ride.

While we are speaking about bigger tires, it’s also one of the biggest trends in Mountain Biking. Equipped with Boost Hubs, many of our mountain bikes are being stocked or compatible with 27.5+ tires. Ranging from 2.8-3.2 inches, these tires absorb and grip pretty much anything the trail can throw out at you. They make a hardtail much more plush, and when coupled with a full-suspension frame they make for a very compliant ride.

Be sure to make it in, and check out all the new equipment for this year’s bike season.

Giant bikes at Paramount Sports in Guelph

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