Top 10 Bike Tips: Tip 10- Not all Full Suspension designs are created equal

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Full suspension bikes are great. They allow our bikes to keep contact with the ground, which improves control. They take away some of the sharp impacts that are common in mountain biking, which allows you to ride more often in more comfort. However some have been associated with inefficient pedal bobs, and brake jack. There have been great improvements in suspension design to help reduce the movement caused by pedaling. However approaching the problem from the frame design has been more effective. Essentially when talking about full suspension designs there are 5: Single pivot, four bar linkage with a rocker link, four bar linkage with a horst link, virtual pivot point and miscellaneous. The first two are the most popular. Not because they are the best designs, but because they are free to use. So the use of very good shocks is needed to have a somewhat efficient ride. The horst link is patented by Specialized, it’s very similar to the rocker link but with some small but important differences. Its axis of travel is essentially vertical, allowing the suspension to work while braking (no brake jack) and is fairly efficient against pedal induced bob. The virtual pivot point, which we will put Giant’s Maestro underneath its umbrella (even though they are both under different patents), is a popular design that uses chain tension to reduce pedal bob. This design is very efficient, very active and has little to no brake jack. There are always developments in design. We will group many of the new styles and proprietary designs under miscellaneous. They like all designs will have pros and cons. We at Paramount are lucky to sell the two designs that have the most credit in the industry; the Horst link and Maestro. Come in and try them for yourself and we can go more in depth into the different designs.

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