Top 10 Bike Tips: Tip 4- Tire pressure, and choice of tire is crucial

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Tire pressure is very important. It helps prevent the most popular puncture, a pinch flat. This is when the tire pressure is too low and your rim is allowed to hit an obstacle. The tube has nowhere to go and typically splits in two spots. So keeping your tires at an optimal level will help prevent this. Low tire pressure, will however, improve traction so it can be a small difference between too soft and too hard. Typically speaking, the more aggressive the terrain, for improved traction, you should lower the tire pressure. Vice versa the smoother the terrain, for more efficiency, you should have the tire at a higher pressure. You wouldn’t take a racecar threw a snowstorm or take a jacked up 4×4 on a racetrack. Bikes are no different. The tire should be appropriate to the terrain. There are different compounds, tread patterns; they vary in threads per inch, width and recommended tire pressure. There is tubeless, tubular and tire and tube options. Tires are the only point of contact that your bike has to the ground. so switching your tires can completely change the way your bike rides. Paramount stocks a vast selection of different tire options and sizes and we can also order in most tires on the market.

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