Top 10 Bike Tips: Tip 9- Carbon Frames must be torxed to spec

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Carbon frames are awesome! They are lighter than titanium, they can absorb more vibration than steel and be stiffer than aluminum. It’s a man made product in which we have precise control over the way the frame rides. But just like most things in life it’s not perfect. The two major downfalls of carbon is first of all; price. Although the price of carbon bikes has been reduced tremendously over the last several years, it’s still fairly labour intensive to create. As well carbon fiber is a sought after material with a finite supply which both increase the cost. Second of all, carbon frames MUST be torxed to spec. Carbon is a very strong material in certain directions, however it can be crushed by too much tension. Tightening a seat post too tight can result in a broken frame. With that being said, a common mistake is not to tighten enough. This can allow the seat post to slam down after a bump where it also damages the frame. Every carbon bike will have recommended torx settings; some bikes will have different setting for different parts. It is very important to abide by those settings.

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