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Most of the trends in skiing have been geared towards allowing the skier to access any terrain that you may face when out on the hill. Some of the most popular ones right now include:

Hiking modes in ski boots: allow for a skier to not only walk around easier, but when matched with a touring binding, it allows the skier to climb with ease and comfort. They are much lighter than previous designs. However, they still come with some weight penalty so they’re not on every boot model.

Lighter weight materials: Lighter weight materials, such Graphene, in both skis and boots allow the skier to climb/hike to terrain that isn’t accessible from a chairlift, without weighing them down. They also allow for easier transportation, and are easier on the legs when taking the lifts.

Rocker: Rocker, referring to the side profile of the ski, brings the contact point from the largest part of the shovel, back, closer to the foot. This allows for easier turn initiation, it changes the characteristic of the ski to rise out of deep and loose snow rather than dig. As well it will give some shock absorbing qualities. Most skis on our wall will now have some sort of rocker built into its construction.

Wide skis: Wide skis give a bigger surface area to allow the ski to float in varied terrain. Depending on the intended usage (groomers-back country) the widths will vary. As a generalization all skis are wider than we have been used to in the past.

Flat Mounted skis: Flat mounted skis give the skier the choice on what binding system to use. Whether that be a binding from a previous ski, a certain brand, or a touring setup. This style of ski can be much more versatile. Since there is no integrated plate the total ski’s weight comes down significantly. As well, since the skier is closer to the snow, there is a more reactive experience.

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