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We are all setup for the upcoming winter season. The new stuff looks great, and so does the winter forecast.

The upcoming winter season has inspired us to run several promotions.

Annual Ski and Snowboard Tune Up Special

First off, we have our annual Tune Up Special that is on right now! Just like last year’s promotion, there is a catch; you must bring in a Food Item for our local Food Bank. When you bring in a food item you will receive $10 off any ski or snowboard tune up! We believe that no one should go hungry so we encourage you to do your part and get your equipment ready at the same time! Last year’s food drive was a great success but we love our community and thought that we could do even more this year.


20% Off A New Winter Jacket When You Donate a Used One To Big Brothers Big Sister of Guelph

Paramount Sports Guelph Ontario - Annual Ski and Snowboard Tune Up Special

This year we have decided to do something new in addition to the food drive promotion we are running. It’s starting to get colder now and it has even snowed a bit in some areas. We are very fortunate to sell amazing outerwear that will keep you warm in some of the harshest conditions, but what do we do with the old winter jackets and pants we don’t wear anymore? The ones we’ve outgrown or have grown tired of? They normally just end up sitting in the closet, collecting dust!

Well, this year we’ve made it easy for you! You can donate your old winter jackets and pants to us and we will then send them all to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Guelph. We will even give you 20% off a new winter jacket if you do so. Let’s support our amazing community and  make a few more people a little warmer this year by supporting this great cause.

We’re hoping for a great ski and snowboard season this year and hope to see you in-store. You can find our store hours and location here for more information!

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