Services at Paramount Sports

At paramount we strive ourselves in offering quality products that fit you and your budget. To keep your products working their best we offer a wide array of services. In our bike department we are trained to adjust and install all parts. Weather it’s a flat tire, a drive train issue, a wobbly wheel, or bearings that just needs a good cleaning; our bike shop can get your bike back up and rolling with the best of them. See in store for service packages and rates.

In our ski and snowboard service department we have some of the leading technology to get your ski or snowboard back to you like it came from the factory, or sometimes even better. Our winterstageer sigma sbi allows us to sharpen the base and side edge, grind as well as restructure the base to create the optimal surface for any condition. We then finish the ski by hand to achieve the ultimate tune. We are trained to work on all current ski and snowboard bindings in service and installation. Treat your equipment to a day at the spa so that it keeps running longer, and will keep you having fun.

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